Enjoying art, making art, surrounding yourself with art is the single best thing you can do to make your corner of the world a jollier place to be, because it tickles the bit of your brain that makes you feel good. 

Everyday I paint, paint, paint. Oils on acrylics with plaster and glue and scratches and smears. Great big abstract canvases which really are about the fact that our climate is changing the wrong way and we’ve got beautiful land, sea & sky and I don’t want it spoiled. Here’s a little sample of art for your walls but I have a SERIOUSLY serious ART website too so you might want to pop over there for some head-scratching and haw-humming gallery-proper pictures

Lou & painting at show My shoes don’t always match my paintings

If you’d like to know more about Lou’s antics, hop along to her studio at CREATELAB or follow her daily doodles on Instagram brave_newgirl Twitter @createlab