Brave New You


UK’s leading Creative Life Coach Lou Hamilton uses an innovative process to enable you to build a happier, calmer & more purposeful life by learning how to use the creative part of your brain to beat your fears, anxieties & stress. Stress is the 3rd major cause of cancer after obesity & smoking. Stress is caused by Fear and Lou is an Expert Coach on helping you to FEAR LESS.

1 in 6 people in the UK have suffered with some degree of anxiety or depression. MIND

Let me show you how to turn negative thinking into resilient thinking, toxic stress into positive challenge & anxiety into potential energy; by teaming up your creative brain with your logical brain. It’s straight forward when you know how. It’s my job to show you.

For more information on her coaching techniques & her upcoming collaboration packages & retreats with Emma James Physiotherapy & Champneys, please go to her Brave New You coaching website 

Life Coaching Makes the Difference

Coaching via phone or Skype, or for London clients she offers face to face sessions. For a free 30 minute consultation CONTACT

If you’d like to know more about Lou’s creative work, hop along to her studio at CREATELAB or follow her daily doodles on Instagram brave_newgirl Twitter @createlab